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We specialize in business services such as logo design, website design, printing services, and marketing!

Simple! Take a look at some of pricing in the Our Services section of this website. Then feel free to send us an email with your business information at ads@hypeads.net

Great question! When you purchase our services, you're the boss! If you like an idea, we will take it and work around it. If you have no idea what you want, no worries! We will interview you regarding the type of work you currently do, research the current state of brands dominating the market and choose a few designs that would do well in that type of industry. Check some of our pricing in "Our Services" and email us at info@hypeads.net for more branding info..

Digital is printed from a color press that is operated by automated machinery, think of a really big printer with a few more bells and whistles. Offset is a process that uses plates to sort of "stamp" the images you want in an automated format that is manually operated. Offset produces a finer, detailed image and is preferred for good quality. Large-Format just means we print on larger-than-normal material, like banners, flags, and trade show backdrops!

A website is an important piece of the business repertoire. We place great importance in filling your needs accurately. Our websites are hosted by us and created by us. We manually create every piece you need, from a simple landing page to a full eCommerce website with the ability to handle a high traffic of customers. Maintaining a website is not always easy, our job is to keep your data secure and your website looking professional. Send us an email for more info at info@hypeads.net


Upload design files at hypeads.net/artupload - Design files must be 100% of size ordered with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, in grayscale or CMYK format. Files must be compatible with Adobe Creative Suite. Files may be submitted as layered, editable files (.ai, .eps, .indd, or .psd) packaged with all necessary images and fonts; as press-ready PDY files; or in .jpg or .tiff format. No other file formats will be accepted. Please note: files that do not comply with the specifications mentioned in this FAQ will be returned or may be subject to special handling charges at $100.00 per with a half-hour minimum charge, to be invoiced or billed to the credit card account provided by the Advertiser.

DO NOT SEND files with RGB color specifications. Files containing such colors will be converted to CMYK format and the Publisher will not be liable for claims for any shift in colors due to this converstion. DO NOT SEND image files lower than 300 dpi (except as proofs) or files with placed or embedded images lower than 300 dpi. Publisher will not be liable for claims due to the use of Advertiser-supplied low-resolution files. DO NOT SEND images as .gif, .pmg, .bmp, .pict files, or documents in any text formats (.doc, .txt, .rtf) or files native to design programs other than Adobe Creative Suite such as CorelDraw, Publisher, PowerPoint, WOrd. Such files will be returned to the Advertiser for replacement.

Do not put any sort of line, rule or border around your ad. Even thick borders ~ 0.5" or largers - on full-bleed ads can shift slightly and cause the design to appear off-center. Non-bleed ads will be framed according to the style layout. If you add crop marks, please offset them by at least one-eighth (0.125") inch. Your order is for non-bleed advertising space. Files submitted must be the final coverage size ordered with this contract. Full bleed ads will be cropped or reduced as ordered. Do not include any important text or other critical content closer than one-quarter (0.25") inch to any edge of ads. Non-bleed advertisements should maintain a one-eighth (0.125") inch live area/pad on all sides for best results. The Publisher will not be liable for claims due to content that is cropped or illegible due to improper formatting.

Please submit your online advertising files in RGB format and designed to the specific pixel dimensions as follows: logo: 400px by 400px, for the Header Cover: up to four files size W=1160px by H=380px can be subitted. JPG or animated GIF may be submitted. Individual files should not exceed 1M. Publisher reserves the right to reduce file size for ads affecting website performance.

Designs (including logos, text, photographs, or other original work products) created by the Publisher under any special pricing terms granted may only be used in the specific publication for which they are contracted at the discounted rate. Any desired continued use by the Advertiser and/or its agency of any design element created by the Publisher must be negotiated seperately.

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